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       Toolbox Of The Month:
       Snowplow Safety:

Snow plow safety is something that every snow plow driver must be aware of. The blowing, drifting snow mixed with the slick pavement provides for hazardous conditions.

So how can you safely make sure that yourself or others are not harmed during this process? Here are a few tips that might help you out:

Be aware of your surroundings and know your route. Always make sure you know what possible obstacles are within your plowing area like mailboxes, fences, signs, posts, etc. This can save damage to property and to your plow, which in the long run will save you money.
Always be tolerant and patient of other drivers or pedestrians around you. Imagine yourself in their shoes; seeing a huge truck drive toward you with a plow on the front is not always the most pleasant thing.
Watch your speed! This is a huge mistake many plow drivers make when going about their jobs. In fact, many of the accidents involving snow plows are created because the driver was going too fast for the weather conditions. It might be desired to get the job done faster, but it is not worth the injuries to your body, the plow, or possibly someone else's body. Make sure you are constantly keeping an eye out for ice or obstacles. It is also helpful to know the road and weather conditions before leaving to plow.
Obey all traffic laws (i.e. wearing your seatbelt at all times). This will save lots of trouble with law enforcement and could save your life in the event of an accident.
Make sure before leaving the vehicle after you have done your job, that you cut off all power to the snow plow and spreader.
Get a good night's rest before going out to plow. Although this is sometimes impossible to do, make sure that you are not feeling too drowsy or sleepy. Falling asleep at the wheel is obviously a devastating, fatal mistake.

Plow operators serve the community well during some of the worst weather. However, it is important that EVERYONE, including you the plow operator, gets home safely in the snow.